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Let me tell you that the first part of my story begins is true, and what brought me to the imagination, created share This morning my husband suggested that the weather is so nice days maybe I should spend sunbathing topless n as he said, should be filled with oil before I knew what that first offer, porn8 and that horny slut, I was happy I agreed. When I'm organized, I had a shower and shaved pussy, so that, as he likes, he was completely bald, and I greased. The decision that I do not want strap marks at all, porn8 have not bothered to put everything after my porn8 shower, covered my car with a mix of sun protection cream for oil and horny and is looking into the sun. Not long after my husband comes along who was too hot to be decided on the grass, her shorts and pants set stripped and told me to suck his cock clear. As always obedient wife what I did. In any case, one thing led toand after a time, insisted that the oil into my butt hole little as I wanted to fuck me in the ass outside. I took the oil and poured abundant and worked his fingers in my ass while my husband was his dick out until I go to the fingers in and out of my little hole in the ass, I said in the legs has helped with my back and so can be seen, as he pounded my tight hole, while I was withmy back to him was porn8 to play a fantasy that began in my head that I thought I would share...... I'm on vacation in a warm country, with my husband, but he has decided to have a headache and wants to stay at the hotel for the day, having previously Nudest a local beach, I decided that like to attend one, so I prepare my pussy showerand clean shave, and my ass and porn8 pussy are well prepared... I get on the beach and the dress of my way to the beach. Having got there and realized it's pretty busyi find a quietishere place near par at the age of 50 years. When I did slip dress beach and I sat, the lady asks me feedback on my nipple piercings, and if I'm somewhere else pierced, happy, this conversation is offered to show me the lady piercing my clitoris, and then she loves comments, how much her husband and piercings do not have the courage to do it myself, mind if her husband had a closer look ? I say, of course, if woulddo porn8 me a favor, and my sun cream.. The lady down on my towel in porn8 a bottle with oil and begins to rub on my shoulders and chest, while her husband stands between my legs and take a good look at my piercings, now porn8 the lady has her oily hands down and worked in the belly of my clitoris and her husband began his finger in and out of my pussy wet work, starting with a finger and before I knew, I had two fingers and two of his fingers slide in and out ... When anxious, giI take so I'm happy when the lady offered me my face and spreads her wet pussy invite. Spreadingher lips with my fingers, I mean gently move her clitoris with his tongue begin, the more I do, rather than grinds her pussy on my face, until finally I 'm fucking your central hole with my tongue. After a while, it was decided that the necessary sun protection on the back is so turned on this occasion her husband Downin stands in front of me and offered a fairly thick fleshy tail, and I'm the bitch that I am, get on all fours and eagerly devour dick trying to fit everything in my mouth, now, after a very short time my back lotioning was surprised when the lady slipped one, two and then three fingers oily in the ass from now on I so hot I do not know exactly what is happening and it's not long before the cock to replace her pussy in the mouth of a soaking, and replace the finger in the ass by a fat cock meat, but at this point that I have not been in my head, and when I am aI am here with my husband naked, dripping cum porn8 in my ass better than turn to ensure even tanning. In my fantasy, I have these piercings, but I'm still yet to reach them, that's my next project and the beginning of a new fantasy !
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